What Do Bankruptcy, Probate Work and Estate Planning Have in Common?

It’s an interesting question. Yes, these practice areas do have some types of financial strategies in common. But each is different.


What all of these things do have in common, from a professional standpoint, is that clients end up needing the very same attributes of service from a professional legal firm.


A Matter of Trust


Whether you’re trying to navigate a bankruptcy, deal with a challenging probate or look into the future with proactive estate planning, you need to be able to trust your attorneys. Trust that they will be reliable, but also trust that they will have your best interests at heart.


A good professional attorney does this as a matter of course. We bring our professional acumen to your problems, to help you to solve them. When we do this efficiently and with integrity, we are rewarded by long-lasting relationships with clients, and we become a go-to for problem solving, a place that people want to call.


Attentive Attorneys


There’s no industry quite like this one when it comes to attention to detail.


Some of the original discovery that we do involves talking to our clients directly. It’s harder to make a game plan without knowing the exact details of someone’s financial picture, and that includes their financial history.


Legal firms that get a bad reputation for ‘pump and dump’ work are often the firms that hurry clients through the office. They get the surface details, and then they hit the road running. They may resolve cases, or provide plans or help to iron out some of the bigger problems, but there’s a lot they can miss. As in any type of legal work, looking at the details and making a bigger investment in discovery pays off. 


Fair and Professional


Here’s another issue the people run into when choosing attorneys for a bankruptcy or anything else.


You want the attorney to be in your corner, but you also want an attorney who is very knowledgeable and understands realistic paths to resolution. If, for example, you come in and start hearing a lot of negative or bitter language from your attorney, and it seems like things are veering off into tangential territory, you may not be getting the best legal counsel for your situation, even though your attorney is very dedicated to your interests!


If you’re struggling with your finances, or you want to plan for the future, call Hedtke Law Group. Our professional and attentive attorneys know how to help you with your particular legal needs, and to help you to get fairly treated under the law.