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Divorce, child custody, child support and family law become complicated by heightened emotions. Hedtke Law Group can help you develop optimal solutions.

Effective and Affordable Divorce Solutions

Taking the time to select the right attorney can seem like a daunting task. When the pressure of divorce is added to the decision, it can quickly become emotionally overwhelming. It is wise to retain a skilled family law lawyer to navigate you through these difficulties. Neil R. Hedtke is known for providing personal attention, thorough preparation and an in-depth knowledge of family law issues. Michael and Cynthia, valued and trusted assistants, strive to remove as much stress and worry from clients’ lives as possible. We recognize that this is an emotional time for our clients and their children. Divorce can be one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life. We work with our clients so they have realistic expectations, an understanding of the legal process and a firm grasp on the challenges they might face as the case proceeds.

Child Custody Attorney

One of the most adversarial aspects of any divorce involving children is the determination of child custody & visitation. These disputes can be resolved through mediation and negotiation, but it takes a skilled attorney to guide the parties through a dispute to a successful conclusion. Neil R. Hedtke understands child custody law and mediation. Hedtke Law Group has guided many clients through these difficult and emotionally charged disputes with care and understanding. Our clients appreciate our attentiveness, responsiveness and ability to meld their goals with the best interests of their children in the eyes of the court. Child custody, or visitation, can take many forms, including: Sole Legal Custody (in which one parent is entitled to make important decisions in a child’s life), Joint Legal Custody (in which both parents are entitled to make major decisions concerning the child’s education, religious upbringing and medical care), Joint Physical Custody (in which each parent shares time with the child. Physical custody usually coincides with joint legal custody. Decisions regarding education, religion and medical care will typically be made by both parents), and Primary Physical Custody (in which the children reside primarily with one parent). In many situations, there is a vast divide between what the court sees as the best interest of the child and what each parent might want to see in the parenting plan. It is Neil’s job, as your attorney, to work through this tension and help establish a plan that will benefit the child’s growth and development. Trust us to work diligently toward a satisfactory resolution of all the issues in your divorce.