Gifting and Essential Structures for Estate Planning

Gifting and Essential Structures for Estate Planning

At Hedtke Law Group, one of the best services that we provide to families is a comprehensive estate planning guide customized to a particular client’s financial situation, family structure and other factors.


Estate planning is a critical part of maintaining family wealth over generations and making sure that your net worth or assets go where you want them to go.


The modern family has many financial pressures. Many of them relate to specific stages of life. Estate planning addresses a number of fundamental issues and gives families the tools to plan well for the future.


Use of Limited Liability Entities


One of the key things that we consult on is the idea of using limited liability entities to handle financial assets. This option can lead to favorable results when estate planning involves transferring significant assets that are more complex than just a few dollars in a bank account.


The flow of money is a complex and interesting thing. Many aspects of tax and financial law have to do with the structures that hold available capital. That’s where limited liability entities come in.


Many of our clients understand these better as LLCs. A limited liability corporation is now a familiar term to most of us, but abstracting it by calling it limited liability entities can be confusing.


However you refer to it, an LLC or similar structure can help you to control your financial assets and contribute to a plan for how you utilize them over time. We can provide more detail according to your unique financial situation, household budget, net worth, etc.


Setting up Trusts


Simply speaking, trusts are excellent vehicles for generational transfers. The catch is that you need the right professional help to set them up, and the right structure to make them effective.


We consult with so many of our current clients about trusts and how to set them up. We evaluate the use of domestic and offshore trusts to keep money safe and put it into a strategized cycle approach that yields tremendous value for our families.


Gifting Rules and Regulations


Some families can get by with very straightforward and simple types of gifting. We show where the thresholds are, what the parameters are, and how the law works to help our clients to find the best personalized solutions.


This is just part of what we do – at Hedtke Law Group, we can help you to stave off a pending foreclosure, work through a bankruptcy procedure, or otherwise protect yourself in a fast-paced and complex financial world. Call us for quick and effective help.